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Geek.Kon is Madison Wisconsin's very own anime convention, sci-fi convention, and gaming convention all rolled into one! Geek.Kon is a place to celebrate all that is geeky.
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7-24-2015 One Week To Pre-Reg/Book Hotel

Only one week left to pre-register for Geek.Kon! Get in for less money and less of a line if you sign up by July 31. Also, there are still a few rooms left at the Marriott for the weekend, but they have to be claimed by July 30. Click on the Location page to reserve your room!

7-9-2015 Fanfiction Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, start your shipping! We're now accepting entries for this year's Fanfiction Contest! Submit your story by August 8 to win prizes and have a selection of it read at Geek.Kon!

7-8-2015 Rocky Returns!

We are pleased to announce that Friday night at Geek.Kon, we will be hosting a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening and shadowcast! It's astounding!

5-15-2015 Sign Up For League of Legends!

Sign up for the League of Legends tournament in this year's LAN Gaming area! This was by far our most popular LAN tournament and spaces are limited, so get your team together and sign up now!

5-3-2015 Geek Music Video Awards

This year, our music video contests are merging into the Geek Music Video Awards! Whether you ply your trade in anime, animation, film, TV, or video games, we want your video submissions! All submissions must be in by July 31, so start your editing!

3-15-2015 More Guests confirmed

In time for the Ides of March, more guests for Geek.Kon 2015 have been announced! Anime Voice Actress Tiffany Grant, Anime Writer/Director Matt Greenfield, and Local "B" movie show host group, Ned the Dead! Full details and bios on our Guests page!

2-22-2015 Tabletop Games Registration Open

Tabletop Registration is now open! Please go to the Tabletop Page to register a game!

2-10-2015 Jan Scott Frazier Confirmed for 2015

Now confirmed for Geek.Kon 2015 - Anime Director/Producer Jan Scott Frazier! Full details and bio on our Guests page!

11-15-2014 Emma Bull, Will Shetterly Confirmed for 2015

More Guests confirmed for Geek.Kon 2015- Writers Emma Bull and Will Shetterly! Full details and bio on our Guests page!

11-9-2014 Greg Weisman Confirmed for 2015

Announcing our first guest for Geek.Kon 2015- Greg Weisman, producer of the animated series Young Justice and co-creator of Gargoyles! Full details and bio on our Guests page!

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